2019 Self Storage White Paper

Understanding Your Consumer:
An Annual Analysis of Self Storage Tenant Behavior Trends & Data Insights

Each day, OpenTech connects thousands of tenants with storage companies around the world.  This results in countless data points that shine a light on how consumers actually use self storage. The OpenTech portfolio of clients completed over 800,000 transactions in 2018 utilizing the INSOMNIAC platform of products, services and apps. For the year, store managers moved in over 160,000 tenants and realized over $176 million in new sales revenue. 

Complimentary White Paper

The 2019 Self Storage White Paper provides objective and transparent data on access control, kiosk, call center, online auctions, SaaS and online rental performance that is exclusive to the INSOMNIAC self-service platform. OpenTech has released this technical paper to provide a comprehensive analysis of consumer trends in the self storage industry, providing data-driven, actionable insights to owners and operators.

We hope you find value in this white paper, which seeks to offer unique insights that will help you increase revenue, drive operational enhancements and create a stable, scalable platform for future growth.

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