Owners Install INSOMNIAC Kiosks at Texas Facilities

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – December 8, 2005 – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. today announced self-storage owners Kim and Sharon McDaniel have installed OpenTech’s INSOMNIAC™ kiosks at their Benco Mini Storage and Cornerstone Mini Storage facilities in Cleburne, Texas. The kiosks enable customers to rent units, make payments, purchase locks, and update their accounts 24 hours a day at their convenience without a manager’s assistance.

As “absentee” owners living out of state, the McDaniels chose to install INSOMNIAC kiosks at both existing facilities so they can run the sites with minimum personnel. The Benco property has nearly 1,000 units and Cornerstone has 225 units. Both properties are now run with only one person on-site thanks to INSOMNIAC. In addition, the owners are able to remotely monitor rentals and payments in real time using INSOMNIAC’s reporting web interface.

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INSOMNIAC at Cornerstone Mini Storage

“OpenTech has superlative customer service and a superior product. The INSOMNIAC was an easy choice,” said Mr. McDaniel. “Thanks to their technology, I’m looking at expanding my self-storage portfolio with properties I could not previously have operated profitably. INSOMNIAC changes the math and makes more facilities financially feasible.”

The INSOMNIAC 900 is OpenTech’s top-of-the-line self-storage kiosk with built in fingerprint scanner, signature pad, driver’s license scanner, digital camera, check and credit card scanner. At Benco Mini Storage, the kiosk works in conjunction with SMD Software’s SiteLink 2004™ management software. INSOMNIAC properly places all customer information into the SiteLink database the same way a facility manager would, ensuring accurate financial and operational reporting. At the end of the rental process, INSOMNIAC even dispenses a gate pass card to the new customer.

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INSOMNIAC at Benco Mini Storage

Created exclusively for the self-storage industry, INSOMNIAC is the industry’s first vendor neutral, self-service kiosk. For more information about INSOMNIAC, please visit www.opentechalliance.com or call (602) 749-9370. To learn more about SiteLink, please call (919) 865-0789 or visit www.smdsoftware.com.

About OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading developer of self-storage kiosks. Its impressive INSOMNIAC line of self-storage kiosks improves customer convenience, reduces operating costs and increases revenues for self-storage facilities. For more information on OpenTech, please visit www.opentechalliance.com or call (602) 749-9370.

About SMD Software, Inc.
SMD Software, Inc., makers of SiteLink, is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company is a leader in developing management software for the self-storage industry. For more information, please call (919) 865-0789 or visit www.smdsoftware.com.

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OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
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