OpenTech and SMD Software Announce Product Integration

INSOMNIAC Self-Service Kiosk Now Available for SiteLink Facilities

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – November 13, 2003 – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. and SMD Software, Inc. announced today the completion of product integration efforts between the two companies. Development teams from both companies partnered together to ensure all of the latest features in SMD’s SiteLink 2003™ can be leveraged through INSOMNIAC™, the self-service kiosk for self-storage facilities.

“OpenTech and SMD are making it easy for thousands of self-storage tenants to do business at their convenience,” said Robert Chiti, OpenTech’s CEO. “Through the INSOMNIAC kiosk, tenants are able to rent units, make payments and update their accounts 24 hours a day. The best part is INSOMNIAC places all customer information into SiteLink the same way a facility manager would, ensuring accurate financial and operational reporting.”

“Kiosks are the wave of the future,” said Markus Hecker of SMD Software. “Today, OpenTech and SMD are uniting the number one self-service kiosk, INSOMNIAC, with one of the most popular, powerful programs for storage management, SiteLink. We are excited to deliver the most integrated and advanced self-service solution to our clients.”

SMD is the first partner to join the Alliance Partner Program. This program provides alliance partners with license revenue, dedicated technical resources, customer referrals, marketing support and a customized interface to INSOMNIAC – the self-storage industry’s first and only vendor neutral self-service kiosk. To learn more about this program, please contact OpenTech or email

To learn more about how INSOMNIAC and SiteLink can help your facility, please contact SMD Software at (919) 865-0789.

About SMD Software, Inc.
SMD Software, Inc. is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company is a leader in developing management software for the self-storage industry. For more information, please call (919) 865-0789 or visit

About OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
OpenTech Alliance, Inc. has developed a vendor neutral, self-service kiosk that improves customer service, reduces operating costs and increases revenue for self-storage facilities. For more information on OpenTech, please visit or call (602) 749-9370.

Press Contact:
Markus Hecker
SMD Software, Inc.
(919) 865-0781

Curtis Sojka
OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
(602) 749-9370 x118

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