STORAGE EXPRESS Runs Unmanned Facility with INSOMNIAC

INSOMNIAC Self-Storage Kiosk Rents First Unit Within 48 Hours of Installation

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – June 7, 2005 – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. announced today that STORAGE EXPRESS is using OpenTech’s INSOMNIAC™ self-storage kiosk at its unmanned storage facility in Martinsville, Indiana. The INSOMNIAC kiosk enables customers to rent units and make payments 24 hours a day without a manager on site, and took its first rental within 48 hours of its recent installation.

A pioneer in the off-site management of self-storage facilities, STORAGE EXPRESS operates all of its 65 self-storage properties without an on-site manager. Prior to installing INSOMNIAC, current or prospective customers of each facility would call from an on-site courtesy phone, located in a Rental Station at the entrance to the Company’s facility. Those calls fed into STORAGE EXPRESS’ call center. In Martinsville, an INSOMNIAC 500 kiosk, neatly housed in the same Rental Station, has replaced this phone.

INSOMNIAC Rents Units at an Unmanned STORAGE EXPRESS Facility
[Photo courtesy of STORAGE EXPRESS]

“Before INSOMNIAC, if our customers wanted to pay by cash, we asked them to go to a nearby Western Union agent to wire us their rent,” said Jefferson Shreve, owner and president of STORAGE EXPRESS. “INSOMNIAC enables our customers to pay on-site with cash, check or credit card, so we need never miss a rental. Customers don’t even have to call us. In fact, INSOMNIAC took its first rental within 48 hours of installation, without any human involvement from our side.”

Given STORAGE EXPRESS’ initial success with its first installation, the Company has ordered another five INSOMNIAC 500s, as it moves to integrate OpenTech’s technology at its other Midwest facilities.

“When we demonstrate INSOMNIAC, everyone asks about unmanned facilities,” said Robert Chiti, OpenTech’s President and CEO. “STORAGE EXPRESS has been efficiently operating storage facilities without an on-site rental office since 1992. Now with INSOMNIAC, we’re helping them take customer convenience to the next level.”

INSOMNIAC allows STORAGE EXPRESS’ customers to rent units, make payments, update their account information, purchase locks, and more. If a customer has questions, they simply press the kiosk’s call button to be instantly connected to STORAGE EXPRESS’ call center.

STORAGE EXPRESS uses DOMICO management software to manage their facilities. As an OpenTech Alliance Partner, DOMICO will interface with INSOMNIAC, ensuring account balances, inventory, and reports are all updated when a transaction is made through the kiosk.

To learn more about how INSOMNIAC and DOMICO software can help your facility, please contact OpenTech at (602) 749-9370 or DOMICO at (800) 688-6181. The companies are available on the web at and respectively.

STORAGE EXPRESS owns and operates 65 self-storage properties across Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. For more information about STORAGE EXPRESS, please visit or call (812) 339-6339.

DOMICO has been a leading supplier of management and accounting software to the self-storage industry for more than two decades. DOMICO software is designed to help owners and property managers of self-storage facilities manage their responsibilities in a quick, thorough, and professional manner. Thousands of locations worldwide depend on DOMICO everyday. For more information about DOMICO, please visit or call (800) 688-6181.

About OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading developer of self-storage kiosks. Its impressive INSOMNIAC line of self-storage kiosks improves customer convenience, reduces operating costs and increases revenues for self-storage facilities. For more information on OpenTech, please visit or call (602) 749-9370.

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