Red Dot Looking to Revolutionize Self-Storage
10th Aniversary

PHOENIX, Arizona – June 17th, 2014 – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. today announced a strategic supplier and service agreement with Red Dot Storage, an industry leader in automated management of self-storage facilities.

By leveraging the power of a technology based management platform, Red Dot Storage has been able to deliver the highest level of customer service and convenience, while controlling costs and increasing profits. Through automated management, Red Dot has successfully increased physical and economic occupancy between 5% -25% at every location, while decreasing operating expenses as much as 20%. The combined affect has been a dramatic increase in NOI at every Red Dot Storage location.

A representative from Red Dot stated, "The efficiencies created through automation are unparalleled and we are extremely satisfied with the products and services offered by OpenTech Alliance. Our customers consistently provide positive feedback regarding our management platform and the 24 hour convenience of the kiosk combined with call center support fits perfectly with our online and mobile platform. Consumer expectations are constantly evolving with technology. As a storage operator, we feel we can offer the highest level of convenience and service by leveraging the power of that technology."

"The team at Red Dot are fresh thinkers and thought leaders. While they respect the lessons of history they grasp the reality of the future. In a very short time they have been able enter this market and deliver impressive results by implementing our integrated solutions. Their ability to take independently owned facilities and ramp up the NOI quickly, rivals the capabilities of the more seasoned players. My prediction is that Red Dot will be a well-known name in a few short years", said Robert Chiti, President and CEO at OpenTech.

About OpenTech Alliance, Inc. Celebrating a Decade of Service to Self Storage, OpenTech provides solutions that connect storage owners with tenants. Through the development of a complete line of automated Kiosks and Call Center services, the INSOMNIAC brand has become synonymous with self-storage. The company offers a wide-range of self storage rental solutions that increase revenues and improves customer convenience while decreasing operating costs and workload. A place to find reliable, around-the-clock support is what OpenTech has come to be for thousands of self storage owners world-wide. For additional information, please click or call an OpenTech Business Development Manager at (602) 749-9370.

Press Contact:
Mike Sawyer, Director of Marketing
OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
(602) 324-8655.

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