INSOMNIAC Helps Owner Carry on Day Job

Discount Storage in Indiana Says Kiosk is “Best Employee Ever”

PHOENIX, Arizona – May 2, 2006 – OpenTech Alliance, Inc., announced today that its INSOMNIAC™ self-storage kiosk is being employed by Bruce Manring at his Discount Storage facility in Plymouth, Indiana. The kiosk enables Mr. Manring to continue his regular day job while INSOMNIAC rents units, takes payments, and sells locks to customers at his self-storage facility.

“INSOMNIAC is my fulltime manager and salesperson,” said Mr. Manring. “I typically don’t get finished doing my other job until sometime after 2:30pm. Once I’m home, I can look online to see the transactions done through the kiosk. The only reason I need to go to the facility is to collect cash from the machine, put new locks in its dispenser, or sweep out empty units.”

Discount Storage’s INSOMNIAC Rental Station
[Photo courtesy of Discount Storage]

Mr. Manring continued, “I am totally satisfied with INSOMNIAC. This is the best employee I have ever had. The first day the kiosk was turned live it took three move-ins. We have taken several payments from some of my late customers on time with INSOMNIAC thanks to its ability to take cash and give customers a receipt anytime. INSOMNIAC is truly amazing!”

Discount Storage is protected by a chain link fence, security cameras, and an automated gate. To house INSOMNIAC and create a place where customers can do their business out of the weather, Mr. Manring built a covered cinderblock and glass rental station outside the gate. When customers rent a unit from the kiosk, they receive an entrance code on their receipt which enables them to open the gate. Their receipt also explains which unit they have rented, how to break the plastic seal on the unit door, and gives them a copy of the lease. If they have elected to purchase a lock from the kiosk, they can use this to secure their unit.

“Discount Storage is a great example of an emerging business model where owners are substituting INSOMNIAC for the expense of an on-site manager and apartment,” said Robert Chiti, OpenTech’s CEO. “Kiosks are quickly becoming standard equipment at storage facilities across the nation with over a dozen INSOMNIAC kiosks installed in Indiana alone.

Kiosk and Facility Map Signage next to INSOMNIAC 900
[Photo courtesy of Discount Storage]

The INSOMNIAC 900 is OpenTech’s top-of-the-line self-storage kiosk with built in fingerprint scanner, signature pad, driver’s license scanner, digital camera, check and credit card scanner. At Discount Storage, the kiosk works in conjunction with SMD Software’s SiteLink 2006™ management software. INSOMNIAC properly places all customer information into the SiteLink database the same way a facility manager would, ensuring accurate financial and operational reporting.

OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading developer of self-storage kiosks. OpenTech’s INSOMNIAC kiosks enable customers to rent units, make payments, purchase locks, and update their accounts 24 hours a day on their own without a manager’s assistance. For more information about OpenTech, please visit or call (602) 749-9370.

Discount Storage provides safe and convenient self-service storage with 168 rentable spaces and 24-hour access. For more information, please call (574) 936-4729.

SMD Software, Inc. is a leading provider of management software with over 5,000 installations of SiteLink. For more information, please call (919) 865-0789 or visit

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OpenTech Alliance, Inc.
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