INSOMNIAC Kiosks Plow Through Record Cold Winter

Facilities Across North America Report INSOMNIAC is Open For Business

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – February 4, 2005 – OpenTech Alliance, Inc. today announced that despite this year’s record setting cold fronts, rain and snowstorms, INSOMNIAC™ kiosks across the United States continue to work flawlessly. From Southern California to Sanford, Maine, and everywhere in between, customers at facilities with INSOMNIAC have been greeted with “Open” signs, enabling them to rent units and make payments 24 hours a day.

“Brutal winter weather throughout the country, ranging from snowstorms across the mid-west and east, to torrential rain in the west, has not impacted INSOMNIAC’s performance,” said Robert Chiti, OpenTech’s CEO. “Forget about sick days because facilities with INSOMNIAC are always open for business.”

Exit 2 Storage, located just west of Cleveland, Ohio in North Olmsted, installed an INSOMNIAC 900 kiosk outside its facility in mid-December. Regardless of multiple snowfalls and below freezing temperatures over half the time since installation, INSOMNIAC remains consistently on duty.

INSOMNIAC Rents Units in North Olmstead, Ohio
[Photo courtesy of Exit 2 Storage]

Dale Schmidt, proprietor of Exit 2 Storage, commented, “INSOMNIAC takes care of sales and payments, especially after-hours and on weekends, enabling me to run our facility with only one employee and no overtime. Customers love the kiosk and we save money.”

In Sanford, Maine temperatures dropped to -22° Fahrenheit for several evenings in January. Customers still braved the cold to use INSOMNIAC outside Sanford Storage Solutions. “In our first week after installation, customers made five payments through the kiosk,” said Sherri McLean, District Manager of Sanford Storage Solutions. “We knew customers would enjoy the convenience of self-service but didn’t realize how fast INSOMNIAC would catch on!”

INSOMNIAC Takes Payments with Snow on the Ground in Sanford, Maine
[Photo courtesy of Sanford Storage Solutions]

Both Exit2 Storage and Sanford Storage Solutions utilize SMD Software’s SiteLink 2004™ as their management software to work in conjunction with INSOMNIAC. Created exclusively for the self-storage industry, INSOMNIAC is the industry’s first vendor neutral, full-service kiosk fully supporting SiteLink 2004 and other management programs.

For more information about INSOMNIAC, please visit or call (602) 749-9370. To learn more about SiteLink, please call (919) 865-0789 or visit

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OpenTech Alliance, Inc. is the leading developer of self-storage kiosks. Its impressive INSOMNIAC line of self-storage kiosks improves customer convenience, reduces operating costs and increases revenues for self-storage facilities. For more information on OpenTech, please visit or call (602) 749-9370.

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