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Stop wondering and start knowing that your calls are being serviced immediately and precisely in the manner you expect. Facility owners spend sizably to get phones to ring and every telephone call is vital to the livelihood of your storage facility. Dedicated exclusively to the self storage market, INSOMNIAC Live! Is the industries Call Center of Choice, and is powered by a team of veterans proven within the call center and self storage industries.

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, INSOMNIAC Live! ensures that every time a phone rings at your self storage facility it is answered promptly, professionally and consistently by a trained Storage Counselor (day, night & weekend). OpenTech Storage Counselors are standing by to become your remote assistant.

Self-Storage, itís all we do!

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Transparency, Consistency & Quality are the founding principals of the INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center. read more


100% Satisfaction Guarantee, the proof of our commitment is evident on every call we take, and we guarantee it. read more


Setup, Training & Customization, all services require a one-time STC conversion to ensure our Storage Counselors are equipped with all the information they need to sell your property accurately and provide quality service to your customers. read more

Our Services

Live! AllCalls™

All calls to your facility will be routed directly to the INSOMNIAC Live! Call Center. The original source of the call is tracked throughout the life cycle of the lead up to the rental. Callers can be sent immediately to a Storage Counselor or presented with voice prompts to specify their needs. Facility calls will not ring at the office allowing managers the ability to focus on; servicing on-site customers, market prospecting and overall facility operations

$450 Monthly / $425 with IVR
*Multi facility incentives available

Live! Rollover™

INSOMNIAC Live! Storage Counselors will answer calls for your facility when your line is busy or when the manager is not available. The calls will ring at the facility first, giving your on-site manager the first opportunity to answer. Our Storage Counselors will team with your managers to ensure all calls get answered promptly, under your procedure and youíll never miss the chance to rent a unit

$400 Monthly / $375 with IVR
*Multi facility incentives available

Live! AfterHours™

Offers limited call center service when your facility is not staffed (up to 64 hours coverage per week). Service provides pre-scheduled night, weekend and special hour coverage. *Restrictions apply

$275 Monthly

Live! Voicemail™

When your manager is unable to answer, the caller is routed to our Call Center and prompted to leave a message. The voicemail message is immediately emailed to your manager. This feature is also effective in providing owners with accurate data on call volumes and insight into how many sales are lost when calls are not answered immediately

$25 Monthly

Live! XpressPay™

Automated service that securely processes tenant payments over the phone 24-7. The service integrates with leading property management software in real-time so accounts are immediately updated. Learn More.

$25 Monthly

Live! Chat™

The fastest way to connect with your website visitors, Live! Chat offers a personalized service support to your online sales channel. More customers are within your reach! Learn More.

$45 /Hourly

Live! XpressRes™

Pay Per Performance Reservations (coming soon)