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The Self Storage Cloud

For nearly a decade OpenTech Alliance has lead the charge in developing and implementing innovative self-service solutions for the self storage industry. The innovation continues with our latest Cloud Service, INSOMNIAC Online!

Return ON Investment

   1 Online Rental pays
   for INSOMNIAC Online
   for an Entire Year

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To complete the demo please use the following credit card information:
CC #: 4444111144441111 | Exp Year: 2014 | CVV: 123

Why offer a Reservation without the ability to Rent?
INSOMNIAC Online™ takes prospective tenants off the market immediately! The latest self service rental solution was created to better align self storage businesses with the Online consumer sector and new purchasing trends. INSOMNIAC Online delivers self service touch points to rent self storage units over the internet, on smartphones and personal tablets.

Key Benefits:

  • Rent more units
  • Reduce time and costs associated with following up on reservations and leads
  • Paperless solutions cut printer and toner expenditures
  • Eliminate fraudulent transactions

Key Features:

  • Full reporting and dynamic unit assignment thru OpenPortal
  • Special pricing and promotions can be integrated on the fly to boost your sales programs and or amplify Online offers
  • Identity verification of Online renters
  • Private label branding to complement your facility website design and corporate brand
  • Presents 100% solicitation of supplementary renters insurance
  • Does not require an onsite kiosk

Ensuring the identity of Online renters is vital!
INSOMNIAC Online offers a unique layer of security to prevent fraud. During the rental process, the identity of each new tenant is verified thru a state-of-the-art ID verification service used by leading financial, insurance and law enforcement organizations.

INSOMNIAC Kiosk Rental Completion
Although not required, INSOMNIAC Kiosks broaden the Online experience and enhance the renter’s convenience by collecting a lease signature, fingerprint image, copy of driver’s license and issue gate codes when manager is unavailable. INSOMNIAC kiosks also supply locks for purchase and provide remote video assistance from a professional OpenTech Storage Counselor with the touch of a button. Your new Online tenants will never be strangers with the modern safety measures that allow managers to replay digital recordings of all kiosk transactions.

INSOMNIAC Online Web & Mobile Pricing
One Time Fees :
     $1,000 Co-branding Per Website
     $500 Co-branding Per Mobile Website
     $250 Per Facility STC Setup, Training and Customization (STC)
     $100 ID Verification Setup Per Website (Optional)
Monthly Fees :
     $25 Per Rental
Optional :
     $1 Per ID Verification Attempt
See it in action :

Ten Oaks Self Storage

Infinite Self Storage

Property owners will value the peace of mind knowing their Online renters are who they say they are. INSOMNIAC Online protects both tenants and operators with maximum safeguards when renting away from the counter.

Save time and money, when managers are no longer tasked with reservation phone tag, emails, appointment scheduling and negotiations to close the deal.

Competition is fierce, with approximately 52,000 storage facilities in the marketplace today. OpenTech Alliance better positions operators to compete with the big boys thru use of the finest self service sales tools available.

More Information :

INSOMNIAC Online Flyer